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Terry Baldwin - Baldwin Fitness Missoula Terry Baldwin - Fitness Trainer Missoula MT

Terry Baldwin

Professional drug free Bodybuilder / NPC, NGA & WFNA titles:

Iron Man Magazine

World Record Bench Press

  • Mens Montana 1st place
  • Mens Big Sky 1st place
  • Mens Rocky Mountain States 1st place
  • Mens Northwest America 1st place
  • Mens USA 1st place
  • Mens Professional Seattle Super Natural 1st place
  • Mens Professional Universe 1st runner up
  • Mens Professional Galaxie 2nd  runner up


*Current WABDL World record drug free Bench Presser.

*Former World class Arm Wrestler / numerous titles.

*Have been featured and wrote training articles for the following magazines: Iron Man / Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness / Steele Jungle



Bonnie Baldwin - Baldwin Fitness Missoula

Bonnie Baldwin

  • Former High School Cheerleader and Athlete.
  • 1974 Graduate from Spokane Community College as a Licensed Practical Nurse.
  • Performed various Nursing positions ranging from Hospital Floor Nurse to Physicians Offices, to Multi-specialty Pain Center, to Coordinating Clinical Trials for Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Eventually became interested in preventing “Self-Induced” medical conditions through Exercise and Proper Nutrition.
  • In 2004 received Personal Fitness Training Certification through “ISSA-International Sports and Science Association”/ Also, Certified in Osteoporosis Prevention Training for Women.



Josh Peterson - Baldwin Fitness Missoula

Josh Peterson

Peterson Built - Fitness and Sports Training Missoula MT
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I was born here in Missoula, and I grew up in the small town of Seeley Lake, Montana. I have been an athlete for the majority of my life, competing in a variety of sports since I was three years old. I attended Montana State University from 2006-2010, where I played football and graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health and Human Development, with an emphasis in Pre-Physical Therapy. I also have an olympic lifting background from my years playing football, and I've been a competitive weight lifter since 2009 and hold a world record and a number of state records in bench press.

I met Terry Baldwin in 2004, where he taught me the fundamentals of proper exercise technique, sound nutrition, and how to make healthy living into a lifestyle. I loved working out and helping people, so I became an ACE certified trainer in 2009. I worked with Stafford Downtown Health Club for three years and then became owner and operator of Peterson Built Fitness and Sports Training in 2012. That same year, Terry was gracious enough to offer  me a trainer position at his facility.

My style of training is always personalized to the individual. Clients I have worked with range from high school and college athletes, to individuals who have been training for years, and individuals who are picking up exercise for the very first time. I have developed and implemented training plans for people looking to improve upon their favorite outdoor hobbies that Montana is renowned for. The majority of my training is based on proper technique, isolation, as well as some post therapy rehab. I love my job because I love helping people make a change to live a healthier life.


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